Since this was a short week, everything felt kinda rushed! So my usual slow Friday was actually a busy one going from one meeting to the next! It was definitely my time to get in formation after a whirlwind trip to LA and the string of long weekends – not to mention the much needed time off.

Last weekend was a pretty eventful one though, flying up to Johannesburg for Airmax Day. I am a huge advocate for the Nike brand, even though I do wear other sports brands, Nike is one of my favorites. I have always had a great relationship with the Nike Africa team – but I was nonetheless surprised and super excited to be flown up to celebrate an important day in the sneaker lover’s calendar – Airmax day. On the 26th of March every year, Nike global celebrates Airmax day with all of its fans in different parts of the world! In South Africa we celebrated in arguably the creative, sneaker head hub of South Africa, Juta Street Braamfontein. If you’ve never been to Braam before you should definitely give it a visit, one of my favourite places to eat in Braam is Deleahs, I can’t go to Braam without visiting this spot. I love the neighbourgoods market too but on a regular week day Deleahs is my spot.

I was also surprised to find a huge image of myself up on the screen  in Braamfontein, I tried to grab a pic but kept missing the shot! If you saw me on the billboard and got a pic please email it to me!

I usually do a midweek run with my running club, The Ninefour. This week we had a meet up to say goodbye to some of our crew heading to Berlin to do a marathon runt there. We also checked out our new club house and took a crew photograph with our captain Paul Ward. It was a really cool evening! Unfortunately I didn’t manage to run this week because the sudden winter weather in Cape Town had gotten my immune system in a tizz. Hopefully I will be better by next week to continue running.

I also got to touch base with one of my favorite beauty and couture brands, Dior. I have been a friend of the brand for about a year now but we are working on collaborating more with Dior beauty and bringing you guys some fresh news from the brand, whether its their seasonal notable makeup collections or just great tips from their makeup artistry team – I have decided to go in and do a bit more research on both our behalf! Let me know if there are any makeup and beauty you want me to research and write about, I am really keen to share any knowledge I can!

The rest of the week was pretty much catching up on admin with my new assistant and checking in with my web and graphics develop and management. Needless to say a lot of coffee was consumed and my BTB notebook is jam packed with fresh ideas for upcoming projects! I wish I could let you guys in on all the things I have been working on but all is to be revealed soon.

I know I have been a bit slack in writing on my blog, but I have decided to dedicate some more time to this so I should be posting regularly, and I will be giving you some sneak peaks into what I do during my weeks.

I hope everyone had a great weekend

Xo Aisha 

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