Its my favorite time of year! I love Ramadan so much, for those of you who don’t know I am a muslim so this is an important time of year me. Over the fast I usually take time out from work to focus on my religious obligations but this year I have to work, unfortunately for me. That said I thought for a change I would share what my ramadan experiences are via my snapchat. 

If you’re not following me you can follow me on AishaBakerXo. I might be too busy to snap every second of my experience but for those who are curious about my religion and also how I observe the holy month you can do so on my snap.

If you’re not muslim I would love for you to fast one full day along with me this month. Tweet me if you are keen @bakedtheblog.

Mubarak to all my muslim followers, 

Love you all 

Xo Aisha 

p.s this is my Eid outfit from last year to see the full look click here 

Photography by Tegan Smith

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