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Fabulous Dress Project

I had the honour of being part of the coolest interactive exhibition at Cape Town’s First Thursdays. Celeste Arendse and I had been a part of a collaborative project with laundry detergent brand Skip. We took one dress and stained it multiple times with various notorious food products and conducted a social and design experiment. Skip’s commitment to collaborating with the fashion design community was pushed to new heights with this project, which I will be sharing with you over the next week.

We presented our project to Cape Town’s coolest art and design crowd at our monthly arts and culture evening, First Thursdays last week. On the first Thursday’s of every month Cape Town comes alive till late where attendees can enjoy walking around the inner city viewing art and culture (and of course coffee and food too). We thought this would be the perfect opportunity to launch our project to the art and design community in the form of an interactive exhibition.

Our exhibition at First Thursdays was a photographic and film installation of our collaborative efforts. Each image took attendees through the process we went through and we watched Celeste create magic with her hands and a few food items! From the initial conceptual stage all the way through to me wearing the garment everything was on display. The staining process was captured beautifully by photographer Zaid Joseph and filmed by Gerhard Pretorius from The Jupiter Drawing Room. The space was packed from 5pm till late with curious eyes asking us if the product really worked, was the story true? Could one dress withstand very tough stains and be repeatedly restored back to its perfect self?

The team chatted to all in attendance telling the story of our social and product experiment. Yes, the product works! Exactly as we said it did. The dress was on display for people to inspect – curious eyes scanned every part of it to look for one tough nasty stain – “did they miss a spot perhaps?” –  I stood and observed everyone as they became a part of our project and engaged in our experiment.

Skip presented samples of the product  for people to try at home, encouraging them to create something and put their product to the test too. The interactive portion of the event allowed people to create their own stains on cotton samples using the same products we did. Pushing people to get creative and not be afraid of a little bit of mess. The winning design will be awarded with the dress I was lucky enough to spend a week prancing around in!

A huge thank you goes out to The Jupiter Drawing Room team, Bean There, Celeste Arendse from Selfi and of course Skip for allowing us to collaborate on this cool project. To check out more images click on the hashtag #FabulousDressProject

Find Skip on Twitter/Instagram @SkipSouthAfrica

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