If you have been reading my blog for some time you would know that I love a good themed event, and for that reason I love Valentines Day! To so many it’s just a cheesy commercial tactic to get us to buy love themed momentous, expensive chocolates and for flower sellers to inflate the price of their beautifully curated red and white bouquets but to me its the cutest day of the year.

I have always wondered what was so bad about a consumer driven holiday? If the flower sellers, chocolate makers and lingerie stores sell a little more items in the month of February good for them! I think consumers need Valentine’s Day because between December and April we pretty much have nothing interesting to look forward to. For some the day is dreadful because they’re single or lonely, but Valentines Day doesn’t have to come with high expectations of romance.

My best Valentine’s day’s were always when I was single. I will always cherish my Valentine’s celebrations with my high school girlfriends, being at an all girl school we made a fuss about Valentine’s Day. We sent each other long stemmed red roses to say I love you and our lunch break was just a little more electrified on Valentine’s Day, handing out roses in the courtyard from neighboring boys schools to us, or in my case from my friends at my girls school. I loved every minute of it! Post high school I have had many amazing singles dinners and celebrations with my girlfriends. We often exchanged cute cheesy love themed gifts and dressed like we were going to fashion week – it was sensational. Not to mention the many Valentine’s treats my sister and I have exchanged after Valentine’s Day – you know when all the yummy things go on sale? Being as nostalgic as I am,  I look back on these moments I always smile and think “wow what a lovely time in my life”. You don’t need to be bae’ed up to have a great time. Even if all your friends are spending Vday with their significant others – you can still spoil yourself a bit with a new dress or lipstick.

The point of this tale is to encourage you to spread the love on this day whether it’s spoiling yourself with a new lipstick and a bouquet of flowers or sending one to your best friend, sister, your dad. this day is not really about roses and chocolates it’s about making the people you love feel special.

If you’re really not a fan of the commercialized holiday why not head to the mall tomorrow and grab something small to gift to someone you love – it’s never too late to say I love you – especially when all the yummy treats are on sale!

Happy Valentine’s Day ! Love you all

Xo Aisha.






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