Winter Haircare

With winter approaching and using more heat on my hair as opposed to air drying it, it tends to affect the condition of my hair. Now is the time I need to focus on strengthening the hair as well as taking extra care to make sure my hair looks it’s best

What I’m nourishing my hair with right now

I have been using organics anti hair fall range lately to strengthen my roots and reduce hair loss. Did you know we lose around one hundred and fifty hair strands per day. Organics Anti Hair fall helpers to counter the natural hair fall we experience by slowing down the process.
Some added hair care tricks I’ve been using is doing a coconut oil treatment once a week. Keeping things as neutral and easy for me as possible because I am a mom. Prior to this I would have gone to my hair stylist, also my bestie, to do an in salon treatment but with lockdown restrictions I’ve changed it up a bit. I now do a weekly overnight treatment.
I use one tablespoon of coconut oil and heat the oil up in the palm of my hands. I then work it into my roots being careful to get the oil all over the scalp and gently massage it into my roots. I lightly place my hair in a bun to the back and sleep with the product in till the next evening when I wash and condition with Organics Anti Hair Fall again. I feel this gives my hair an extra boost of moisture needed during these colder months and definitely looks a lot shinier. You may need to do two shampoos to get the oil out before conditioning.
A note with coconut oil is to make sure you never go out into the sun with coconut oil on your hair or place heat like blow drying or flat ironing while the oil is in your hair as this can burn your hair and damage it completely. Being in the house kinda helps as we are not going out so keeping the treatment in for longer is much easier.
like to keep my hair care really simple and easy, I don’t use much heat on my hair usually but with winter I tend to blow dry it after every wash till it’s completely dry. Something I do try to do or focus on is having a healthy nutritious diet that is balanced and promotes good skin and hair. Most foods that are good for your skin are great for your hair too so it’s beneficial to eat healthy and be conscious of what you’re feeding your body.

What I’m Nourishing my body with right now

My diet at the moment has been filled with quarantine snacks like the rest of us but I do try to incorporate all the necessary nutrients like omega’s you can find these in fish and flaxseeds. I have a protein rich diet as well and I always include loads of dark leafy greens to my meals. I probably eat at least one date everyday, I’m obsessed with medjool dates as a treat and they can be easily filled to create a delicious dessert snack. For breakfast I try to do a smoothie or egg scramble with a handful of goji berries. Goji berries are superb for your immune system and general wellbeing not to mention being a great addition to your haircare diet. If you don’t enjoy the berry itself you can try a warm soothing cup of goji berry tea with a tiny bit of honey to taste. I am a huge fan of herbal tea in winter to warm up and nourish your body, adding only some honey to taste, no dairy or sugar. Having a balanced diet is Important for your overall wellbeing so I strongly advise doing a little bit of research on what that includes.

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