As you know, from the beginning of the week its my first wedding anniversary and in celebration our beauty topic this week focuses on the guys. Whether it’s your anniversary, his birthday or just a special occasion, searching for the perfect equilibrium between a cheesy and cool gift for your guy can be tricky for the urban girl.

Azzaro Wanted was the perfect choice for Wayne since he is cool and edgy (and hates anything remotely cheesy or romantic) I actually sent him black heart shaped balloons for our wedding anniversary instead of regular balloons which I thought were pretty rad. He loved the fragrance more than the balloons of course but thats because the scent and ethos of the fragrance fits his personality to a T.

The Wanted man is cool, off beat and lives by his own rules! He is not too focused on labels, wears what wants, does what he wants and doesn’t care what anyone else thinks! Wayne is the embodiment of the fragrance –  I admire his confidence and care free nature when plunging into anything he chooses. I presented him with the fragrance on the day we shot this, our last day together, he was so into it after I explained this story of who The Wanted Man represents.

As his chosen woman I love the scent on him, it’s addictive and enticing! Azzaro Wanted can be classified as a woody-citrus-spicy fragrance. The skin is stylized with hints of Ginger, Cardamom, Prickly Juniper, Tonka Bean and Vetiver. Besides its spicy undertones, the fragrance leaves his skin perfumed for hours and lingers long after he leaves.

Read more about what The Wanted Man encapsulates and all the fragrant ingredients on their website here.

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Niquita Bento

Azzaro Information

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R955 – R1200

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