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Tips for more volume

Wear your part on the opposite end

I’ve always had really fine and flat hair, searching for volume like it’s no ones business. I decided to share some of my tips for created the illusion that I have more bouncy and fuller looking hair than I actually do.

The oldest trick in the book but totally works! My hair is naturally parted to the left but to create more volume, or at least the perception of more volume I usually flip it the opposite way. This way my hair is naturally higher and bouncy.

Back-comb your hair a touch

Not my fav technique because my hair knots easily, but back combing or teasing the hair really does wonders. I do this for events or special occasions.

Add Clip In Extensions

I have boxes of clip in extensions I have cut to the same length of my hair to add volume. I picked up this trick from South African TV broadcaster Jeanie D when we did a press trip together to Dubai! It works like a charm and is so easy to do, especially after back combing the roots. It takes as little as two rows to add instant volume to otherwise flat hair.

Use product to build up volume

I asked my stylist for some tips to build up volume here’s what she had to say; “To add volume to your hair you need to apply volumizing mousse to damp hair so that you can manipulate the roots.  For Aisha’s shoot we used the Jane Seymour Volume Hold Mousse“. You will then dry the hair and style the hair accordingly. Here we added waves using a curling tong and then sprayed the hair with the Jane Seymour Hairspray as a finishing product which kept the volume in place that we achieved with the mousse and this what keeps the volume all day long,”

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