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The Accessory that will change your life

You may have seen local celebrities wearing South African designer Laduma Ngxokolo’s Mna Nam cuff, all over social media. Everyone from Maps Maponanye to Knaomi have been sporting this fashion accessory around town and on Instagram.

After soliciting intrigue at its Durban July launch, I was excited to get my hands on this savvy accessory myself along with their press kit.

Laduma collaborated with Sanlam to create the cuff with his signature design messaging, inspired by his acclaimed MaXhosa collection. The accessory is more than just fashion, it takes a step further allowing its wearer to scan the QR code embedded in the printed design to open a savings wallet. Using we chat to scan the code, once scanned one can add any amount you intend on saving, so instead of snapping to purchase we now snap to save.

“Having the accessory around the wrist gives people a visual reminder to consider carefully before buying. What interests me is that we took the fashion industry, which is traditionally associated with spending, and subverted it to be a space for saving. We also took technology used primarily for spending and repurposed it for easy saving. Africa has a history of ingenuity when it comes to repurposing tech to solve very specific problems”, says Laduma.

Yegs Ramiah, CEO of Sanlam Brand, says, “We wanted to make it as simple to save as it is to spend. This is fashion with the potential to change behaviour and start an important conversation”.

We commend Laduma & Sanlam for their effort in using tech and fashion to change the narrative of South Africa’s saving dilemma.

Watch the Sanlam campaign video below if you’re still confused. Be on the look out for a giveaway in our Baked Newsletter later on this week!

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