Watch | Aisha & Wayne on their Caribbean Trip

This vlog is definitely overdue but I am happy to share it with all of you. The vlog covers our trip to the Caribbean for Wayne’s cricket tournament (The Caribbean Premier League). He was part of the Barbados Tridents team again this year, which was awesome because we got to see some of our amazing Bajan friends. I was particularly excited to meet some new people in Trinidad this time around and to get the chance to see a new island, the island of St Lucia. The Caribbean will always have a special place in my heart because that was our first trip together as a married couple so going back is always really exciting and makes me feel so relaxed and happy!

I hope you enjoy watching this as much as I enjoyed editing it!

Xo Aisha

Land Of The Long White Cloud

When  I am not living my best life as a fashion and beauty blogger I am also very much a cricket WAG (Wives & Girlfriends of professional athletes: read in WAGS MIAMI voice). The latest WAG adventure with my husband was visiting Wellington and Hamilton New Zealand (NZ) during the SA vs NZ test series. New Zealand is also known as “Aotearoa” in their native Maori language, directly translating to ‘land of the long white cloud’. Unfortunately that is all the Maori I managed to pick up in my short stay in NZ. Unfortunately I got a bit sick in Hamilton so I wasn’t able to enjoy and explore as much as I did in Welly, I think I don’t have a single photograph of our time in Hamilton.

Traveling with my husband is always special and so different to traveling on my own. We often spend weeks apart so reuniting is always special whether we are back home or in a foreign place. Being with the other WAGS is great too, since live such similar lifestyles while individually being very different. We often have long chats about life, and specifically our crazy nomadic lifestyle. We don’t get to spend as much time with our men as it seems, since they’re training and playing most days, most of the girls try to plan little activities together to fill up our days.

Wellington was not first on my list of places to visit but it was cute and city like much like Cape Town. We stayed pretty close to the harbor and walked everywhere –  my step counter was LIT in Wellington to say the least. One of my favorite things to do when visiting a new place is finding all the cool hipster places to eat vegan and drink coffee. I eat vegan usually because its the closest thing I can find to halal, its a little trick I picked up from all my trips. Most vegan food spaces don’t serve alcohol or meat so it makes eating while abroad much easier for me.

I like to think of myself as a global coffee hunter – in search of the coolest spots in town. Welly was quite pricey to eat at since the dollar is very strong against our dwindling rand, so I did keep my eating out at a limit.  Despite my budget, I managed to find some “gun” coffee shops as my husband would say. I was pretty inspired by a chain of coffee joints called Mojo. Each branch looked really cool and minamilst with great coffee and pastry options. I probably would have added a few cool global magazines to their tables but thats just me. If you’re ever in Wellington be sure to look them up, you can find them everywhere.

I was really impressed by New Zealand local designers on display at their boutiques. If you’re into thrifting theres definitely a lot of thrift stores stocking big designer brands but I am always keen too see what the locals are doing. The Kiwi’s certainly have some talent., if you’re around Wellington check out Good as Gold and Superette for international and local designer brands.

Besides good coffee and inspiring spaces we walked the harbor a lot and often, it reminded me of the V&A waterfront and the sea point promenade but on a wintery day! The squad had finished the test early (yay!) so we had an off day to explore the Wellington Saturday market. It was so cute, I wish we could have one just like it along the V&A’s waterfront in summer *hint to any market owners*.

Hamilton was more of a shopping trip for us, I was sick most of the time so I wasn’t keen to explore much. It’s a very quiet town with not much going on, but on the upside there were a variety of halal food places here! We kinda got addicted to a halal friendly burger place called Burger Fuel. Parny did quite bit of shopping at a local designer store called Crate and I managed to consume my fair share of green tea lattes at Starbucks.

I loved feeling safe wherever we walked in the streets. New Zealenders are really big on following the rules which I find kinda weird since Saffers live to break all the rules. The Kiwi’s don’t speed, they cross at the pedestrian crossing and walk/drive very slowly.

Xo Aisha

Check out some of our snaps from Wellington Below:


Michael Kors Fash Show Look

Hey guys, this was my look for the Michael Kors runway show in New York last month. To get a full rundown of my New York adventure check out my entry on this link (here).

The show was magnificent – obvs its Michael Kors. I Humbly sat third row as I watched his ready to wear looks come down the runway while an orchestra played reworked pop music, very Kanye-West-surprises-Kim style (if you know what I mean). I was pretty nervous the entire time since I was sitting across Anna Wintour and Blake Lively and adjacent to Joanna Coles in a room crowded with all the who’s who in the fashion world. I felt like I belonged there but also thought ‘omg I’m here and so is Margaret Zang and Chiara Ferragni’. After calming my nerves and taking a whole bunch of blurry images I managed to snap some beautiful shots of Taylor Hill and Kendall Jenner as they closed the show.

About This Look

I really wanted to play with some of the trending winter silhouettes for my MK look and I was inspired by this tri coloured Mercer MK hand bag. My first thought was “I need something orange”. Initially I wanted a fitted cashmere turtle neck but the only one I could find was a million dollars (not literally) so I opted for a sports luxe ensemble instead. This one was by chance after spotting it walking by the Nike Lab store in Soho I found this Nike jumper and called it a day.

I had already purchased these corduroy pants from H&M studio a while back and I was determined to wear them on the cold streets of New York. I was pretty stoked with myself to find out that Kendall & Kylie had a similar pair in their new collection – they’re obviously inspired by me (jokes).

I completed the look with winter’s must have white boots and gloves – because it was cold, I wasn’t really trying to be trendy here. The best outfits come together when you’re hardly trying!

Bonus points – Niquita and I looked like a fruit basket in red and orange, strutting (actually running) to the show as we got mobbed by paps. I am not used to the fashion-paps (or any other paps for that matter) so the experience was pretty cool! Later we found ourselves all over the inter webs, looking like two South African plums.

Hope you liked my look

Xo Aisha

Dear LA

So most of you must know by now that I was nominated by Nickelodeon as “Favourite African Blogger” and privileged enough to be flown to LA to attend the award ceremony. Although I did not win the experience was sensational. I have compiled a short diary of my time in LA, I can’t wait to go back really soon.

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It’s my third time visiting one of my favorite cities in the world, and I couldn’t believe after three times in Dubai I still love it so much – even more now since I was able to see the city in a new and interesting way. I could not have asked for a better group of people to travel with. I cant explain to you as I write this how amazing my recent trip to Dubai to support South Africa in the Rugby 7’s world cup was.  Continue reading “Dubai”