Ramadan Style Guide: Styling The Bump

Before I went into labour (earlier than expected at just 37 weeks, I was hoping to carry till 40) I worked on a bump style guide for Ramadan for some of you guys asking for outfit ideas. I was hoping to post and upload this a few days before Ramadan then of course I went into labour! 

Albeit delayed I wanted to post this anyway for those ladies who are in their second or third trimester beginning to show off that gorgeous belly but struggling with modest outfit ideas. These are just inspiration for you if you’re looking to style yourself of course mix and match your own items, it’s not always necessary to buy a full new wardrobe! However when you’re planning for the bigger trimesters I would go for a few key items you can wear post baby again, and with any modest outfit, layering is key! 

Straight cut draped jacket 

HM was one of my favorite local places to shop for maternity clothing. Their denim’s are particularly great! They look like regular jeans and not too old fashioned which I felt most of the local maternity brands were. Covering up with a straight cut draping jacket like this gives a flattering shape while feeling as huge as you most likely do in your third trimester.  This means you can totally still wear jeans, just reworking the look to flatter your figure. A jacket like this is a great addition to any one of your maternity outfits, be it a dress, tights and a top or whatever else you’re finding comfortable to wear. It is stylish flattering and most of all comfortable. 

The yellow now I am wearing here is currently available at H&M and worth the investment (in my opinion) since it will look great post pregnancy too.

Stretchy maxi dress 

This was a lifesaver! I got a ribbed dressed from Superbalist in size small (my regular size) and wore it my entire pregnancy from the first to third trimester. I even bought more colours because the dress was so comfortable and gave me confidence that everything was covered, tucked and looking sleek! I probably wore this dress most of the time, simply covering up with draping blazers, wearing a slouchy jersey over (which I cover in the next tip) or wearing it with any one of my jackets. You can place your scarf over your head and tuck either side into the jackets shoulders to cover your chest like I did here. I thought it looked pretty cute with a  long pendant over the draped scarf and sneakers for comfort.

Slouchy jersey 

An absolute must have! This jersey I imported from ASOS’s maternity range. But please be warned when shopping on ASOS from South Africa the import tax is quite hectic. I paid almost (gulp) 60% above my full shopping cart for my delivery. It was worth it in the end as I intend on keeping my clothes for my next pregnancy but it wasn’t entirely necessary. If for whatever reasons you cannot shop at ASOS.com you can get really cool maternity friendly items at Cotton On. They have a great rewards program and deliver to your door should you feel to uncomfortable to shop at the mall. I got sent a beautiful oversized slouchy jersey from Cotton On Africa, I wore it over tights, jeans and dresses. It was really flattering over my massive bump towards the end and I felt cute in it, not like a walking, talking hippo! Here I wear my slouchy jersey over a dress, my maternity leggings seemed to always be in the laundry so I would alternate between those and dresses in the last trimester since that was the most comfy. Another tip when shopping for anything during your pregnancy is to look for fabrics with stretch (anything with spandex blend) or items that say “oversized” this will look like regular maternity clothes on you – I have an oversized bomber jacket from Cotton on which looks amazing with the bump, it even zips up!

Full length coat dress 

I found this pretty late in my pregnancy, regrettably as I think its such a dope way of covering the bump, staying warm and feeling comfortable! I’m wearing this oversized button up coat from H&M (currently in store) with the maxi dress I mentioned earlier underneath. This is a super easy looking whether buttoning up all the way or simply leaving it open. The Nike hijab I am wearing here is available online too. There is a delivery charge with Nike.com but there is not tax since it comes from the SA warehouse. This hijab comes in differnt colours!

I really hope these tips helped you guys dress your bump in a trendy yet cool way in the third trimester. I know you’re so uncomfortable right now but trust me when your little one arrives you will forget all this discomfort. Enjoy the last few moments with your big belly and the excuse to eat your weight in macaroons!

Xo Aisha

Disclaimer: so sorry if there are loads of spelling mistakes and grammatical errors, I didn’t double check this cause I need to go and nurse my baby soon… hehe! XO 

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