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In previous months we featured some awesome curated playlist by our go to guy, Mario Ogle. Mario has gifted us his Songs of Mars playlist from time to time (check em out here if you missed it) . This time round I am going to share what I am listening to on Apple Music. I get so many DM’s about my music so I thought I would share my monthly playlist with you guys.

There’s nothing I love more than a GREAT playlist that mixes a little old school RnB flavor and modern musts. For those who know me, and my insta story antics, you know I love a good sing-along-song. I was beyond excited to see the launch of Apple’s spin off series, Carpool Karaoke, with James Cordon. Cordon is famous for his celebrity carpool sessions, naturally his first collaborative episode with Apple was a viral sensation. Episode 1 features Will Smith, a helicopter and vintage hip-hop! I grew up on the Fresh Prince, so needless to say I was totally enamored by the first episode! The best yet, is the series features an accompanying playlist for each episode. After listening to this one you will want to go on a 6 hour road trip with your BFF’s – I dare you not to sing along !

Add the Playlist to your iTunes here Here

Songs From Mars

Let’s go back to the time when we used to make a CD of our favorite songs for our significant other…

We’d play that CD for the longest time until it was so scratched that it eventually had to be thrown away. Or even before that, when the only time you’d hear new music was on the radio charts, so you’d have your finger armed and ready, waiting to push that red record button to “tape” the newest songs on your precious TDK cassette. That last memory might have gone over some millennials heads but the point I’m trying to highlight is that it was not easy.

Nowadays the digital age has made everything so much more convenient, and often lacks a lot of finesse when it comes to adding value to our love, relationships and friendships. We’re able to access the latest music and apps at the tap of our fingers; streaming has almost become second nature to us; and we consume everything new within hours of its release. If it doesn’t trend, it’s not worth our valuable time.

These playlists serve as a bridge to the nostalgia of my younger days. Listening to the same music and geeking out to new melodies with your friends. Sharing memories through music. Expressing love and loss through the lyrics.

Baked Online is renowned for fashion and beauty, but every now and then we forget it’s the music that glues these things together.

Let us know what your favorite song is, and if you have a song that is not part of this months playlist, I’m sure the rest of the Baked Online community would love to hear it too, send us a mail. We’re going to try and put together a playlist every month.

Listen to Songs From Mars [Vol. 2] on Apple Music: Link Here