This week is super exciting for one reason only – I am throwing my very first event on Saturday- BTB Beauty School. An exclusive women’s only event hosted by Vida e Caffe, myself and my whole team for a small group of readers!

We are all really excited to have a fun girls day together chatting about makeup and being beautiful while getting our nails did with The Fox Box mobile nail bar. I tried to organize an event based on what I would enjoy so I hope that this one is well received. I won’t lie, I am pretty nervous about this one. It feels kind of like that moment at your 13th birthday disco dance party – when you’re hoping everyone who comes to your party actually dances and doesn’t just stand against the wall staring at each other ( okay that flashback made me more nervous).

I try to do cool new things all the time with my blog and while building my brand to something bigger, I try to show love to my readers where I can.  BTB Beauty School acts as a bridge between myself and my readers – giving you guys a chance to interact with me and get to know me on a different level. It’s also important for me to share my experiences with you in as many ways as I can – it makes me feel connected to the women who read my blog – which is dope for me. The other great thing is that my entire team has been involved in this event in some way or another , we don’t often get to spend time working on something as a team so for me this was a great team building exercise. My dreams for the blog and our squad have definitely grown through just this one tiny event! I hope to throw many more in the future too.

For those who wish to attend but couldn’t make it this time round please send an email to our shop account We will be adding you to the waiting list for our next event. I know lots of my Johannesburg readers were interested so please drop me a mail too. If there is enough demand I will definitely work out a way to bring it up to the 011.

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