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Selena Gomez Beauty Editorial

I was delighted when my favs, Razana Omar and Rizqua Barnes asked me to collab on a Selena Gomez inspired shoot. Razana and I always fawn over her makeup looks done by the incomparable Hung Vanngo. I asked Razana to write a little something about the shoot, check out below:

Each and every look that Hung Vanngo puts together is just the right amount of makeup in the right places.  He is indeed a true artist that I admire and aspire to. As much as I love makeup and Hung Vanngo, I am obsessed with Selena Gomez! So what better to recreate some of their iconic looks together with my favourite canvas- Aisha, and my favourite photographer, Rizqua Barnes.

Red wing look
A perfect wing scares any perfectionist of a makeup artist with excitement.  The sheer boldness and bravery of this one made it impossible for us not to try! I extended my wing a bit more than Hung did, as I attempted to go as far as possible – because there wouldn’t be another moment like this again! Go big or go home!

Pink look
The moment my eyes fell on Selena’s makeup for the Met Gala this year, I knew I had to try it! The popping ice pink solid lid was so unpredictable against her cream dress, I instantly obsessed over the rebelliousness of it all and how it just worked. 2017 had pink eyeshadow trends all over the runway and red carpet; I decided to tweak the bright pink to a bit more of an ice purple-pink to compliment Aisha’s olive skintone.

Dark eye look
While the whole world is doing a triangular -winged shading at the edge of the eye, Hung surprises us with a more rounded shading- and he keeps it solid as opposed to smoked out. While everyone else is balancing a dark eye with a nude lip, Hung somehow pulls off both a dark lip and dark eye and once again, leaves us all speechless. I had so much fun mixing brown and maroon colours and felt nothing but sheer satisfaction when I achieved the colour I felt was as close to Hung’s as possible, given the variety of different lighting in the different images we had googled.

Natural Scarf Look
Hung and Selena created a natural makeup look with her hair curled up in a navy scarf. We decided to combine this one with one of her other most iconic pictures – which also happens to be the most liked picture on Instagram (the one of Selena sipping on a coke bottle.) Silky smooth skin with some light brown eyeshadow and a nude lip. To go for something more natural was a beautiful contrast to the other adventurous looks we got to recreate.

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