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Reuse Reware and Recycle with H&M

H&M first launched their garment collection program  in 2013 and has since collected over 40,000 tonnes of clothing world wide! We got the opportunity to engage in the process last week at the V&A Cape Town store and do our bit for the environment.

The goal of the campaign is to increase the amount of garments collected, every year, so that they (H&M) reach a total collected volume of 25,000 tonnes by the year 2020. Garments are either reused (up cycled into new items), reworn (in the form of donations) or recycled to produce new garments and materials. You may have remembered our recycle piece we did with H&M’s conscious collection a year back (here).

H&M is giving their customers an easy solution to hand in unwanted garments so that they can be reused or recycled, by doing this, less garments end up in the landfill around the world. You can join in by simply donating any garments or textiles of any brand in any condition at any H&M store nationwide. In exchange you will receive a 15% voucher to use on your next purchase at H&M. That means nothing is too torn or too worn to get a second life!

Director Crystal Moselle created a dope film which was launched in support to the global H&M Garment Collecting campaign, Bring It (watch below).

Lets close the loop together by getting involved at an H&M near you.

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