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My Baked Collection Story

From as far back as I can remember I have wanted to be a fashion designer, mostly because my grandmother and namesake was a seamstress for the better half of her life. From the age of six years old I was spending days watching my grandmother sew beautiful wedding gowns and hand beading them with the help of her daughters and daughters in law. We spent long nights sleeping in the lounge while our mothers beaded elaborate trains and veils to complete my grandmothers creations for her brides. My grandmother loved sewing and creating beautiful garments so much that she barely charged for her time, she was known to barter when customers couldn’t afford to pay or work something out for them.

I spent most of my life looking up to my granny, perhaps because we shared the same name, thinking about how tenacious and passionate she is about her craft and her family. I believe I am the modern version of her. My passion for my family comes through in everything I do but so does the passion for my craft. My love for creating beautiful stories and clothes was certainly adopted from her but I hope that using my privileged education and business degree will allow me to be what she dreamed she could be in those years living in Apartheid South Africa.

I’ve heard the phrase that we are our ancestors wildest dreams, as a brown South African woman I feel that in launching my brand!

We shot Baked Collection’s first capsule, “Work From Home” in my home in Cape Town using the beautiful and ethereal Geenah and Zana in July last year. Since our first launch we have launched two more capsules. “Summer Daze” and “Aura” which you can shop on our online store or in The Ultimate Pop Up, a local boutique at the VnA Waterfront in Cape Town. As the brand continues to grow I keep adding new pillars to our brand ethos and making sure everything aligns with my original vision; providing affordable, trendy and effortless looks which are not confined to a season. For the most part we try to produce our range locally in Cape Town to reduce the affect the brand has on the environment and we are so proud of that. The team working on Baked Collection is 97% female excluding the few guys we work with when we are shooting our content for social media. We are so proud to work on this brand as a team!

As we gear up for our second winter launch I want to thank my customers and followers for your continued support! Without you support I would not be able to follow my dreams and keep on keeping on.

Wearing the garments at home or outside playing with my son, I feel stylish but comfortable which I am so obsessed with now that I am a mum. We included a trans seasonal approach when developing the range, perfect for in between weather. Think layering your sweatseat in winter to warm up or cooling down with a 100% cotton knit tee and your bottoms. Our work from home collection will be easily styled with our follow up summer collection, allowing you guys to grow with us and have your wardrobe grow with us too.

The collection is extremely limited as we are a small business but I am super amped to ramp it up for summer and keep the quality great and the prices as affordable as possible.

You can find out more about Baked Collection by checking out our online store front here:

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