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Mothers Day Gifting In The Time Of Covid19

Being a mother is my greatest joy and blessing, since I’ve become a mother celebrating that fact has been something I am both proud and excited about! In the time of covid19 I think it’s more fitting than ever to celebrate the people in our lives who make us feel loved, cherished and valued. For a lot of us that is our mothers. 
Not being able to physically see your mom this Mother’s Day doesn’t have to be as sad as it sounds, set up a little digital Mother’s Day brunch, or evening tea if you’re fasting like me, and take the time to exchange gifts, connect and show your mother how much you love her. 
This Mother’s Day is a little different since we are bound to our homes with lockdown, and as mothers we are probably feeling a little worse for wear right now with everything we are taking on, from being a private chef, tutor and full time caregiver being a mom in lockdown is an epic feat. This is the reason I want to encourage you to spoil the mothers in your life with a little something to keep them going. Usually I would suggest a spa day or tea date with mom but this time we are going to do things a little differently. 

I recently shared a self care routine that involved lighting some scented candles and choosing to convert your shower routine into a self indulging spa treatment including body scrubs, face masks and a massage – all of which you can give yourself! Instead of getting down on myself about all the things I need to do I decided to dedicate one day a week (or every second week) to indulging in an hour of me time in every mothers favorite escape room (the bathroom). You can find the full routine in my Instagram post attached. My advice for Mother’s Day gifting this year would be avoiding the usual shopping malls and spending your time shopping online. You can get small meaningful gifts like scented candles, cozy slippers or the perfect stay-at-home tracksuit. I would suggest treating the special lady in your life to a little care package from Superbalist including some of my favorite skincare items that can transform a regular shower into something of her spa dreams. 
If your mother is a little bit more independent and prefers choosing her own gift you can buy her one of these adorable online shopping vouchers from Superbalist too! That way she can spend her voucher on what she likes and get a little retail therapy. 

Our new normal has forced us into celebrating things a little bit differently this year but let’s not get discouraged from showing those we love, and miss, just how much we care about them.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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