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Lockdown Self-care, The Organics Way

If I am honest I have never really made self-care a huge part of my routine, I’ve always considered my form of self-care to be scheduling a relaxing massage or having my hair done in a salon but with Covid19 I have really allowed myself to delve deeper and find a routine that means not going out, staying in, and still having the same if not bigger of an impact than spending money on treatments. 
If you’re a little lost right now and wondering what exactly self-care is, it’s taking intentional steps to improve your overall health and wellbeing whether that be through nutrition, lifestyle, exercise or health. Developing a self-care routine doesn’t mean you have to spend heaps of money, buy incense or special oil diffusers. All self-care truly entails is showing up for an appointment with yourself as you would with a client for a business meeting. 

What that can look like if you’re a parent is perhaps making sure the kids and your co-inhabiters know that a certain time of the week is a moment for you to exercise your self-care routine. Most parents whether they’re raising kids alone, with a nanny or a partner will protest that time is not on their side, the kids don’t allow for any down time. This is why I have created a fail proof routine that requires no money or excess amounts of time. I have used this as a jumping board into the pool of self-care an its shown me that when I show up for myself in one small way I can show up for myself in many other ways and areas of my life. 

My routine includes taking a bit of extra time one evening a week during the time you usually spend in the shower or bath. This is after the kids have been put to bed, the dogs have been fed and you’re generally going to cleanse your body before bed. The key is to set an intention that your bathing experience will be more than just cleaning your body for the day but more of a ritual for you to unwind, clear your mental pathways and feel relaxed. I usually do this on a Saturday evening because I have no work commitments and I am able to get my kid to bed at around 9pm so it gives me at least an hour to unwind. 

First step is to put off all the lights and light some candles in the bathroom. Temper your water as hot as you can have it to allow for a proper steam. Wash your body as usual from head to toe including your hair. I usually shampoo and condition my hair with Organics anti-hair fall for example. While your conditioner is setting in turn your water off if you’re in the shower and take a couple minutes to give your body a full exfoliation scrub. You can create your own scrub at home using sugar or coffee granules or even a loofa from your latest bag of oranges. Once scrubbed give yourself a good rinse. Instead of a regular moisturising cream make use of an oil. Once again you can use what you have at home, from coconut oil with a couple of lavender drops in it or if you’re like me you can reach over and use your kids baby oil too! Once lathered up give yourself a little hand and foot massage with the oil residue on your hands, intentionally thanking them for the hard work they’ve done this week. Finish off your routine with a warm cup of herbal tea in bed before heading off to sleep. 
This really simple routine has allowed me to stay mentally well during lockdown and reminded me to be present and honour myself. As a result I have been seeing positive effects in my time management, being more present with my son and focusing on nourishing my body with nutritious food that I can see both benefits my hair and skin! 

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