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Korean Skincare hits SA

I was recently challenged by my friend and social media influencer, Nabilah Kariem, to up my skincare routine by using her new curated skincare gift box collaboration with Glow Theory. Glow Theory focusses on importing premium Korean Skincare products to South Africa, making the global phenomenon of Ko rean Skincare more accessible to South African shoppers. Here’s what I discovered after using her skincare products for a month.

Something called purging might occur

I had tiny pimples emerge during the first week of using the products. I had instantly worried about my skin since I spend heaps of time in front of the camera, Nabilah assured me that this is a normal reaction. After one week my skin was literally clearer than its ever been. My pores seemed smaller and less clogged too.

It’s really simple

Although a traditional Korean Skincare routine can be really tedious and overwhelming, Nabilah’s curated box makes it a lot easier. I know she follows all the steps of K-beauty but really who has time for all that? This collection features her cult favs and focussed on getting your skin clear and glowing in no time.

Resurfacing & hydration are key

The focus of this curated routine is on gentle resurfacing of skin, lots of lightweight hydration, and maintaining a healthy skin barrier. These are the cornerstones of the Korean skincare routine, and will ensure your skin stays healthy, hydrated and glowy

You get loads of value from your product

After using the products for exactly one month I can safely say they go a long way. I would suggest loading up on the All Clean as an additional purchase as it is really superior at removing build up from makeup. The Panthenol moisturiser is light weight and addictive so make sure you use it sparingly. You can get the box online via pre order on The Glow Theory’s online store for R895. Additions to whats already available come at a discounted rate which is great!

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