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KKW Beauty: As Told By YouTubers

When we heard Kim Kardashian-West was starting a cosmetics brand and her first product was a contour kit, the first thought we had was “Finally!” With the help of Mario, her makeup artist, Kim changed the makeup industry as we know it when she popularised the contouring and highlighting techniques.

And while we know she didn’t invent those techniques, we definitely can’t deny the Kardashian effect on those trends. Suddenly every brand had a contouring palette available and every YouTuber had a tutorial teaching us how to do it! With that said, we wonder why it took Kim so long to make her own products.

Better late than never, though! And since we don’t have our hands on the contour and highlighting sticks, we thought we’d listen to a few YouTubers we trusted who did and listen to what they had to say about the products. We selected YouTubers with different skin tones so we could see how the products fared across the four different colours.

Jackie Aina


Laura Lee

Iris Beilin

The verdict? Based on what these YouTubers had to say, KKW Beauty is great if you’re a Kim fan, but for $50, you could spend your money on other contour and highlight products and get a better result. The colour range is amazing (YAY!), the contour is great, the strobe side is great, the little brush is great, but the sponge and highlighters/concealers? Not so much! You also spend so much and receive so little product that can break very easily.

But we still love Kim and can’t wait to see what else she comes out with for KKW Beauty! There’s only room for more improvement!

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2 thoughts on “KKW Beauty: As Told By YouTubers

  1. I’m glad they stayed honest and true to themselves in their opinions hey. And the way the brand responded to the negative reviews makes me wonder why they’re not accepting of criticism. And $50?! Girl u better conceal all my sins and cover my shame too.

    Mvumikazi | Urban Mnguni

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