I left to Nairobi a couple days ago and even though I am already back in Cape Town I wanted to share some of my outfits I wore in Kenya with you.

My first day in Nairobi was filled with busy meetings starting with a delicious breakfast at the DusitD2 hotel in Nairobi. It was kinda hard to look at all the yummy stuff on display at breakfast, I could only eat oats since I got my braces recently and I am not too confident eating in front of people yet! I  had a breakfast pow wow with clients from Dubai who had flown me to Nairobi for a special project, which when I arrived I hadn’t even known what I would be up to!

My hotel was very comfortable and beautiful to stay in. The setting is very cosmopolitan! It’s got a really cool lounge called “Zing” with live music and shisha, a thai cuisine spot call “Soi” and a very cool Cafe called “Soko”. I was happy to try each one of the delicious places to eat. Soko was probably my favourite since the cakes were out of this world. Lucky for me they had great mousse and cheesecakes available which were easy for me to eat!

Although my first day was me having meetings and eating cake all day, I managed to squeeze in a shoot with Charles. My friend Silvia from Styleyetu introduced me to Charles and he agreed to shoot some outfits for me while in Nairobi. I was so impressed at how talented Charles is!


XO Aisha 




Charles Ngomo







Ecua Andino

Sunglasses – Ray Ban



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