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From Barbados, With Love

I am incredibly lucky to be visiting my man in the Caribbean for the next month while he works, and I try to catch a tan. Just jokes, I am actually working too in between lounging, swimming and practicing my Bajan accent. 

It’s really exciting and cool to be on this side of the globe, as I take you through my journey wife-ing it up in The Caribbean Islands. We start off in Barbados. I am still fasting the holy month of Ramadan so not much sight seeing has taken place. However, I have gone for a few swims in the ocean (a must of course) and walks along the beach. If you love the beach and being along the coast Barbados is pretty much heaven. I was lucky enough to witness a ginormous turtle laying eggs off Acra beach last night, it was the most magical site! I couldn’t take any pictures because the turtle would be stunned of course, so I just watched in awe at this incredible creature digging its nest in a trance before sliding itself back into the sea.

What I love about traveling besides eating my way through cities without any guilt, is making new friends while eating! I have made the coolest friends here, they feel more like family already. I have been breaking fast most nights at muslim homes in Barbados and being entertained by the Patel family here, who feel kinda like my adopted Bajan family.

About This Look 

I have made so many friends already, like Shane Leacock a photographer here in Barbados. He took these beautiful shots of me along the beach outside my hotel! You can follow him on instagram to see more of his work @shaneleacock.

We shot this look yesterday. My dress is from Na-Kd a UK store, we did a promo on their clothing a few weeks back on my snapchat which you guys loved! For more promo codes etc be sure to follow my snap! (Username AishaBakerXo). My scarf was a birthday gift from my sister for my birthday earlier this month. It’s wrapped in a turban, which you guys have really been loving on Instagram! I have been requested to do a tutorial but I am having a bit of trouble filming one, I will try to film one asap for those asking.

Nestled in Bridgetown, amongst thousands of tropical picturesque moments, I will  be sure to update you on my trip as I go along. For quick fire updates follow my instagram and snapchat below. In the meanwhile I thought I would give you a little hello. (Oops that Rhymed!)

Keep coming back for updates!

Xo Aisha 












Shane Leecock

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