Eid Mubarak to all my muslim followers. I celebrated Eid yesterday after fasting a beautiful 30 days of Ramadan. This is my outfit I wore to celebrate with my family! 

About This Look 

My skirt was a gem find from River Island – it was quite pricey buy I love it so much I was willing to take the plunge and buy it. It’s a great skirt to wear to celebratory events – I am one of those girls who loves anything beaded and glittery – feel me? I wore this for my 25th birthday shoot as well (here). I wanted to wear a polo neck for Eid since it’s winter in Cape Town but I couldn’t find anything I really loved. I  had this polo neck made by the regular seamstress I use to make some of my custom items. She is a designer as well so she suggested we add some extra length to the sleeves to create a little ruffled effect and we paired it with a fur waistcoat. I honestly love having my clothing custom made it always feels like such a treat to have everything fit perfectly. My turban was not having a successful turban day so I opted for a loose scarf towards the end of the day (check my instagram to see what I am talking about here).

My makeup look was literally ga-mazing because I did my makeup for about 2hrs – I know it sounds crazy but I am not that quick at painting my face anymore. I would love to do some makeup tutorials on my blog really soon so I am working on that for now. Today I am hosting a VIP experience at one of my favorite makeup counters for five lucky instagram followers. Keep in touch with my social media and subscribe to my blog to find out how you can win next time!

I hope everyone had a beautiful weekend !

Xo Aisha 




Fur Waist Coat


Me Couture

Me Couture

River Island



Tegan Smith

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