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Earth Care & Plastic Free July

Caring about our planet and climate change is something we should all be concerned about, but how does one begin, is it too late? Living sustainably is crucial to our environment and my feeling is that is is never too late to start. Everyone has different situation, so you don’t need to pressure yourself to do everything all at once, but every little bit counts. Here are some easy ways to start caring for the environment in your own home and living a more sustainable life. 


The easiest way to make a sustainable living start is to reduce the amount of waste products you’re producing out of your home. This can mean making less purchases, wearing clothing for longer for example or simply asking yourself do I really need this. 

This is super challenging for me because I do tend to be an emotional shopper. I tend to purchase more than I need because I have a moment of feeling stressed or lonely, this is not only bad for the environment but bad for my wallet too. I try to now write down my feelings in a journal and make sure I go shopping with a list and stick to just my list.


Up cycling household waste has become popular over the last couple of years. A quick Pinterest search can provide you with a whole host of crafty ways to reuse your waste. 

I recently used my Organics Shampoo bottle to create a little monster for Khalid’s crayons. Its such a cute and rewarding action to up cycle your waste. I highly recommend giving it a try!


Recycling is very simple and inexpensive to start. You can find out where your local recycling depot is on your cities website or even hire a private recycling collection company to pick up your recycled waste. 

Treevolution has a great guide to recycling in South Africa which I have linked below: 

Conserve Energy 

Turning off lights, opening windows instead of using air conditioning and saving water are some of the ways you can conserve energy. A resource I absolutely love is https://www.savingenergy.org.za. You can click on your appliances and find out how energy effficient they are as well as how to use them in more energy efficient ways

Water wise programs are also readily available on government and municipal sites. Something we have gotten used to is saving and preserving grey water for our plants and toilets. There are loads of cool ideas to save water on on the Western Cape Governments website, since Cape Town underwent a huge drought last year it forced Capetonians to rethink our water usage. Find more info on their website here https://www.westerncape.gov.za/general-publication/simple-ways-save-water-your-home

Reduce packaging 

Take your own bags to the store when you go shopping, even when you’re not buying groceries this will help reduce the need for plastic shopping bags. When buying fruits and veggies take your own mesh bags and avoid using store packaging. Reducing the demand for packaged fruits and veggies will force stores to make more sustainable choices. 

When shopping for clothing or anything else I now carry my own bags along. You can get really cute designer reusable bags or get the ones you find at your grocer, whatever helps you to use less plastic is key.

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