Since I am done with my month of fasting I have been hitting the ground running, attending new brand launches and planning up coming campaigns. Working for myself has definitely been so rewarding – with many kind people calling me to congratulate me and offer “business ideas”.

People often ask me what it is I do. At the end of the day I am a marketer playing in a field that is very new to the South African marketing sphere. Being a blogger is more than just taking pictures of myself or getting a bunch of free stuff (that’s the fun part of my job).

My day consists of me waking up and generating as many campaign and marketing ideas as I can and then responding to emails (SO many emails), making out invoices, mapping out my campaign ideas and planning out my schedule and topics I want to blog about or talk about on my social pages. My audience is most important to me so I try to think of ways to bring you brand knowledge without sounding like a TV advert. Lets be honest TV ad’s are the worst (thank goodness for PVR). I prefer to find out about new brands, or new collections in the most organic way and thats why I read blogs or follow interesting people on instagram and twitter! I hate being told I should use something by an unreliable source. With so many products and services out there I want the  most value for money and that’s what I offer to my readers by working with brands I think you will love. So essentially “what I do everyday” is develop integrated marketing campaigns for brands, acting as a medium between you (my audience) and brands that want to reach out to you. How do I decide which brands are worthy of your audience? I spend time testing them and deciding whether you can benefit from it or not – it’s much harder work than it looks!

My studies really help me with marketing and developing content for my blog. For those who mail me to ask about my studies, I have a Bachelors degree in commerce and my major is in management studies. Most of my courses consisted of various types of economics courses (Micro, Macro, Labour and Game Theory economics), marketing courses (basic principles of marketing, marketing research, social media marketing, consumer marketing and statistics courses (basic principles of statistics and research statistics). I found studying EXTREMELY hard and struggled to graduate – as you can see my courses were very theoretical and super difficult (lots of complicated mathematics with no numbers only letters it was a horror show). For those aspiring to do anything knuckle down a few years of studying first it really will assist you in whatever it is you choose to do with your life. I wished I had studied media instead but I am still very grateful to have so much knowledge!

If you have any other questions about what I do with my day comment below and I will reply to you.

About This Look

I have always loved black but lately it’s all I have been gravitating towards. For me black is always the new black. In an attempt to up the style factor of my all black outfits I always look for new ways to accessorize or I try to purchase garments with extra structural elements. Take these leggings from River Island for example. They have a really great piping detail which elongates my legs and ads some sass to my usual boring black leggings. Similarly my black top has a great neckline with a cheeky little fold creating some ruffles and giving my skinny figure some GREAT shape, making it more interesting than just a practical black long sleeve top.

Watches are really my new obsession. This boyfriend watch is from Nixon South Africa. They have a concept store in Canal Walk shopping centre in Cape Town – but if you can also find them online at Superbalist. This style is not available in South Africa right now but there are similar styles which you can get from any of their nationwide stockists.

Top – River Island SA | Coat – Woolworths | Leggings – River Island SA | Boots – Zara SA | Watch – Nixon SA

About This Face

I know most people will be enamored by this lip colour though. I used “Talk that Talk” by Rihanna for MAC. The lip color is super super matte so it can look a bit dry by the end of the day. I usually exfoliate then moisturize my lips, dust some translucent powder over it to reduce the oily feel. I then line and fill my lips with a matching lip liner and then coat the lips with the lipstick. I then press my lips lightly with a tissue over the lips to take off any residue. When I do this my lipstick lasts much longer!

Xo Aisha 




Kat Von Dee









River Island

River Island





Tegan Smith

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