It’s been so long since I have really sat down to write something. I hate that I get so busy doing 500 things that nothing really gets done. It’s one of my biggest challenges.

What I really wanted to do was reflecting on my 2015, except I took time off and had some things going on  so I left that to the last minute – queue long standing New Years resolution: to manage my time better. Anyway, so this is my first post of 2016 so naturally I’m going to break down my previous year and let you in on some things I am excited about!

2015 was a tough year for me and if you’re following me on Twitter (@bakedtheblog) or snapchat (AishaBakerXo) you might have noticed I was having a rough year. I am not one to be secretive about my emotions, much to my deterimant sometimes, but it is what it is. Besides the overall tone of last year being emotional we lost my grandfather recently so it was kind of like a last big cry before beginning again.

Besides the year being really tough for me emotionally I found it to be suprisingly fruitful! It’s funny how when one part of life may be going really well the others start to slip.

Queue 2nd New Years resolution:  be less emotionally charged and enjoy small victories. 

With a growing year I had achieved goals I never imagined. Having reached 47K Instagram followers (yikes it’s almost 50 we will have to do a giveaway when that rolls in) to quitting my day job and making the brave, but calculated decision to work for myself and be a full time blogger or blog-trepreneur (okay thats lame). I envisioned much more content for this blog as well as jumping into so many projects but it wasn’t all I thought it would be and I have realized that managing everything is taking its toll on me.

Queue 3rd New Years resolution: become more organized. 

The later part of the year was the most rewarding. I was announced as the first ever South African hair ambassador for L’oreal Casting Créme gloss hair dye. A huge moment for me – I’m still kinda kicking myself that 6 months of representing such a major player in beauty is almost coming to an end. I turned 25 (read all about that here) and I traveled to Dubai with the most incredible people!

Another awesome moment for me was attending the SA style awards as an official judge. The event was held at Hyde Park Corner shopping centre with an awesome after party at the Hyde Park Southern Sun hotel. I loved being part of such an iconic event

One of the biggest highlights was hosting the second BTB beauty school this time with a bigger guest list (60 people) and a much more rewarding program (check it out on Facebook here) . My goal in life is to inspire women of all ages so having the chance to meet beautiful women from Southern Africa in one room learning about makeup, life and fitness together was priceless. One of the best moments was finding out how many women had traveled to come to the event! I can’t wait to run more of them this year in other provinces (watch tegans video of the day to find out more).

TOP 5 Moments of 2015

  1. Becoming L’oreal Casting Créme Gloss Hair ambassador
  2. Trip to Dubai
  3. Skydiving & Paragliding with Voost
  4. Judging the SA Style Awards
  5. BTB Beauty School CT


What’s in store for 2016? I plan to finally launch a YouTube video – I was really self conscious about doing videos so it’s taken longer than I thought to get the courage to actually post something but I am ready now! I hope you like it and have some constructive feedback for me!

I am collaborating on my very own shoe – it’s such a dream come true for me to be able to design something that I love. You guys will obviously be the first to know on my social platforms. The most exciting thing I am working on right now is developing something I have been dreaming of my whole life! It’s still in talks so I can’t say much but you guys will love it I’m sure.

Thank you for a top 2015 BTB fans you have truly made my job my source of happiness and something I love with all my heart. I hope to keep bringing you guys content you love.

xo Aisha

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