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What’s In The Bag

When going to a seminar day or event, we’re always eager to find out what’s in the bag! The gift bag for our very first BTB Beauty School was sensational – if I do say so myself. I have never seen such happy guests before as I revealed all their wonderful gifts.

I curated the gift bag myself with a few of my favourite items. I thought I would do a special post on what our guests were gifted with and why I love each of these items so much. My only stress is trying to live up to such an amazing gift bag once again (eek!)

Vida e Caffe Ground Coffee (Decaff & Caff)

Both decaffeinated and caffeinated ground coffee bags were included in our bags. The intense aromatic coffee scent, gave me a complete sense of euphoria while packaging these bags the night before! The boot of my car still smells of green arabica coffee beans, and I am obsessed. The coffee works in most espresso machines and coffee plungers. We also gifted our guests with a vida e caffe coffee voucher. If you’re a vida e caffe fan follow heir Instagram  and hashtag them to get your coffee images featured on their account!

Vide e Caffe Eco Cup 

The most sought after item of the year has got to be this eco cup. Okay, maybe not of the year but definitely one of my must-have items for basic living. It has saved my life many mornings before work! I usually prepare my coffee in the morning and take it with me straight to the office. I refill it using our coffee plunger at work more often than not. The cup is made of porcelain, with a slick design made to look similar to their takeaway paper cups. The red rubber cover protects your hands from the hot mug much like the paper sleeve on a takeaway coffee cup.

Crabtree & Evelyn Tarocco Ultra Moisturising Hand Therapy

I was not surprised to find out that one of these hand therapy tubes sells every 5 seconds in the world! It is truly a life saver if you suffer from dry hands (who doesn’t). I usually don’t enjoy using hand cream as it leaves my hands sticky most of the time. This hand therapy is just that, therapy! Rejuvenating your hands instantly without any sticky residue. The scent is totally addictive as well!

Toy Nail Polish Remover

Super innovative little gadget for those who often paint their nails. You basically twist the cap off this little container and stick each one of your fingers into the jar and twist the sponge over your finger nail until all the polish is removed! Super cool and easy to use.

Inglot Lip Balm

Another one of my survival items. I have one on my desk and another in my handbag. It smells delicious and gives your lips a cute pink gloss while moisturizing them too.

Inglot Under Makeup Base

I love this primer for a dewy but not oily finish to my make up. It helps not only to make foundation glide on smoothly but also keeps it looking fresh for much longer.

27 Pinkx Makeup Brush 

I am such a supporter of my local friends at 27Pinkx! They import a great range of affordable makeup brushes which can be purchased directly from their website.

Fox box Manicure 

I am obsessed with Fox Box! I have my nails done at their V&A Waterfront kiosk inside Woolworths regularly. The service is superb and I always leave a really happy customer. They have branches in JHB and CPT at various Woolworths stores. There are more stores opening really soon! Keep track of a branch opening up near you by following them on instagram and twitter.

Majimbo Candy 

It’s yummy milk chocolate – need I say more.

BakedTheBlog Canvas Bag

I really loved the gift bag the most! I spent quite some time designing these bags! I sourced everything myself and had them made up especially for the event. I am not sure whether I should sell them on my site because they’re just so beautiful and really strong too. The bags are totally machine washable which was really important to me. If you’re interested in ordering a bag email me and I will see what I can do to get one to you.

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Xo Aisha 




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