Pedal Pushing it

I don’t have much to say today. I am in JHB for a bit supporting my husband in his cricket game and working on a super secret project that I will be launching at the end of the year. It seems so far away but it’s legitimately around the corner when we plan it all out.

I hear its a scorcher in my home town so I am feeling a bit home sick, missing my cats and stuff, you know how it goes.

About This Look

My friend Rushda left a really funny comment calling these pants “pedal pushers” kinda took me back to those days when pedal pushers where everything. Thanks to Kim K and her trendy AF stylist I find myself throwing it back to those pedal pusher days here. Trying it with what I call a “cover-the-bum top” to conceal, well the bum of course. These tights are performance tights from Nike so they do make the booty look very juicy, too juicy for me to feel comfortable exposing so this Zara asymmetrical top will have to do to cover it up.

Pretty bummed about losing these Aldo heels. Yes, I lost my heels! How does one lose a pair of shoes you ask? Well I am not to sure but they’re  missing. RIP Nude heels

Xo Aisha 

Wall to wall

It’s the end of September already can you believe this year has flown by so wildly? I feel like it was just a few weeks ago we were celebrating a new year and making a whole bunch of promises to ourselves we could not keep!

I am excited for the new month though, because that means high summer is rolling on in and I can start exploring my summer wardrobe again. Can you imagine living in a city with no summer? I would literally drop dead – okay I wouldn’t but I would really miss sunny days and wearing short sleeves for sure.

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Autumn is around the corner and I am super excited for some cooler weather. Every stylin’ person knows that fashion is so much more expressive in the cooler months. What I love about the southern hemisphere Autumn is that we have warmer days than most northern hemisphere countries. We can sneak in a few cheeky warm days while things start to cool down.  Continue reading “Autumn”


With the year in full swing, Tegan and I have been meeting up regularly to plan our year ahead together. It has been a while since Tegan and I joined forces and I am so honoured to have her as part of the BakedTheBlog team. It’s very hard when you’re starting out a business or brand of your own to find individuals you can trust with your crazy business ideas but is also committed to the brand, in the same way that you are.

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Four Twenty

I love the name of the coffee shop Tegan and I met at this week because it kinda sounds like 24, which is how old I am for the next 6 months. I am pretty much loving life lately because I have been busy but good at it. There was a time when I was really bad at being busy, I would get stressed out and sick all the time. Do you ever feel like if you’re not good at something you don’t want to even try? I am like that about most things in life, but I am trying to change my fickle ways

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