Office London Launches in SA

Office London launches in SA and we're stoked!

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The first time I had traveled by myself, sans parents, I had gone on a girls trip to London and Paris. If you have been following my blog from those O.G blogging days you may remember my cute nineteen year old self trotting around London sharing my sony cybershop pictures on this very website. It was then that I first discovered Office and needless to say a sneaker obsession began. My friend, and neighbour, I was traveling with adored Nike Airmax 90’s and we were on the hunt for a new pair to add to her collection. When we discovered the Office store we were legitimately in awe of all the rad sneakers available in our size!

To this day a London stop was not complete without an Office adventure to pick up cool limited edition sneakers in designs I hadn’t really seen available in South Africa until now! Yup Office London has launched across South Africa in a mall near you. And whats more, they plan to launch an online platform pretty soon so we can shop to our hearts content without leaving the comfort of our homes.

Sneakers are my favorite shoe fix now, so naturally I purchased a Nike Airmax 97 in millennial pink, the same pair my sister purchased a week before (soz B… I had to copy you). Office London stocks most popular brands and their store is known for stocking limited edition designs and the kind of stuff you won’t find at regular sneaker stores. Other than sneakers the Office shoe brand has a pretty broad spectrum stocking everything from heels to flats. In fact, I have my eye on a pair of Giuseppe Zanotti inspired gold heels right now! The store manager boasts that they’re receiving new stock every single day which is going to throw a crazy spin on my shoe obsession. Yikes!



Half & Halve

  • Rageemah Williams

    Lol, I actually remember reading about that trip many moons ago!

    Love this look btw