I recently did a radio interview with Nigel Pierce on Goodhope FM, a very popular local radio station in my city. The interview was such fun! I really enjoy being on the radio, I think I kinda feel comfortable having my voice heard without having to be super en pointe in terms of my style. Being on radio didn’t stop me from dressing up though!

We spent just about 30 minutes discussing the blogging industry in South Africa, where we are at present with the growth of what still feels very new in my country and where we think we’re headed in the next chapter of BakedTheBlog. I like to think I am at the forefront of fashion blogging as a monetized industry in South Africa, and it was nice to be able to give my opinion on what I think we have to look forward to! If you missed the interview listen here.

I had recently decided to quit my day job and become a full-time independent digital #influencer – or at least that’s what I am calling it! I have seen so many international bloggers take the plunge into becoming entrepreneurs that I just could not resist it a minute longer, I needed to be bold! Quitting my job was scary because I am used to getting a stable monthly income but I went through a great thinking process on my recent holiday to London. The choice was a natural one since I still live with my parents and I have no major responsibilities so if I were to take a risk why not take on now at 25! When taking a risk like starting your own business always make a list of pro’s and con’s and be strategic about the decision. A great idea is always inspirng and it may seem pretty easy since your idea – in theory – is brilliant! But working for yourself is really hard. It requires discpline (which I am yet to acquire) and a lot of self-motivation and support from those closest to you. In the few weeks that I have been working and developing my new business from home, it has certainly been an up and down situation.

I am sharing all of this with you more to affirm my own stance as a bold female entrepreneur than anything else. I know once writing this out to the world there will be an unspoken pressure to impress you – my digital audience! As I said on the radio I am an entertainer like anyone else just trying to share with like minded humans, maybe make you smile or feel something for a few minutes. My ultimate goal is to inspire you with my story, so wish me luck!

About This Look 

Let’s begin at the top of this look shall we! My head scarf is from Woolworths. Many have been asking me how I wrap it, my good friend Safiyya taught me how to wrap my scarf, literally just throwing the one side over the other, check out her tutorial on Youtube (here). My dress is from Topshop and I wore it over leatherette leggings I got recently from Witchery. The coat is also a recent purchase but more of a summer coat than winter coat – since the fabric is very thin! It was a stormy day in Cape Town when we shot this so I should have rather opted for something warmer. My boots are my favourite boots EVAH. They’re from Vince Camuto – find out more about investing in leather boots in my old post here.

Xo Aisha 







Cotton On



Vince Camuto



Tegan Smith

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