On the 21st of May 2016 my husband and I married, in an intimate ceremony and reception in my home town, Cape Town. It was a bit of a surprise as I kept my engagement a secret from the public and announced my marriage the next day in our national Sunday newspaper, the Sunday Times.

I was reluctant to post about my wedding at all, that’s why it’s taking me some time to launch this post! It was such an intimate and special time in my life, at first I kind of wanted to keep it all to myself. I wasn’t too sure how to approach this, but decided to share a bit about my day to celebrate my one year wedding anniversary.

This post is dedicated to all those questions you guys may have regarding my wedding and a little walk down memory lane, as I take you through one of the best days of my life.

The Nikkah

This part of my wedding was very emotional for both my husband and I. My husband is also Muslim (BTW), so to be in the masjid about to make the biggest step in our religion was a momentous occasion. You could feel the energy in the mosque, there was so much love and acceptance in the air. We have so many non Muslim family members and friends, to see them all there dressed in the traditional headscarf, opening their hearts and minds to our culture was really an emotional experience. My father gave me away himself, it was pretty emotional for him! It’s not common here for a father to give his daughter away, usually an Imam will do it on his behalf, but it was important to my dad to do the deed himself.

We welcomed our 450 guests to join us for brunch in the basement of the masjid, after the traditional ceremony. We placed lot of emphasis on the brunch since it was a custom of the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) to host a banquet after the formal Nikkah takes place. The basement was transformed with a beautiful fresh flower backdrop and stage with the amazing food being a highlight of the morning!

The Dinner Reception

After brunch, I changed into a second outfit for an intimate dinner at the Mount Nelson hotel.  I loved the venue because it meant a lot to me growing up and held some heritage

The dinner was extremely intimate with our closest friends and of course family. I had always imagined a Parisian theme, my wedding planner agreed and we transformed the ballroom into a night in Versailles. The menu was incredibly delicious and decadent with a crayfish bisque starter and roast lamb for mains. However my appetite was very slight, I guess the excitement and nerves left me less hungry than I had hoped to be. For dessert we served creme brûlée, cappuccino’s and wedding cake.

Thank you to Event Interiors, for making my wedding so special and working with my budget. To our Nikkah caterers Jiah, for your magnificent cuisine & florists Bouwer flowers for creating a beautiful backdrop for our Nikkah ceremony.

To Heike for being the incredible floral artist you are and to our wedding cake confectioner Kanya, you’re too talented! To rubitex fabric house for flying all over the world to source my beautiful fabric in just ten days and to my designers at Me Couture for making two wedding dresses in under a month’s time! Thank you.

Xo Aisha

P.s. I have listed all our wedding suppliers below so that you may get in touch with them if you need.




Joe Dreyer (here)

Make up


Razana Omar (here)

Aneesa Ebrahim (here)


Event Co-ordination

Seón Killian Robinson (here)

Nikkah Venue

Catering & Decor

Floral Arrangements


Couture Bridal Fabric

Zeenat ul Islam Masjid

Jiah Events (here)

Bouwer Flowers (here)

Me Couture (here)

Rubitex Bridal (here)


Event Co-ordination

Seón Killian Robinson (here)


Reception Venue


Floral Styling


Couture Bridal Fabric



Event Interiors  (here)

Mount Nelson Hotel

Mount Nelson Hotel

Heike Le Cordeur (here)

Me Couture (here)

Rubitex Bridal (here)

Kanya Hunt (Here)

Acoustic Element

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