I was quite bummed to have missed MBFWCT this season but luck (or mother nature) was in my favour as the event was postponed due to Cape Town’s violent winds. Fast forward a few weeks an a new awesome venue locked in the event kicked off without any weather interruptions.

The new location at Salt River Film studios boasted ample parking and cool industrial landscapes as the back drop to the pan-african fashion on display. Media and VIP’s were hosted in an intersecting lounge allowing easy mingling over drinks and snacks between shows. I am hoping AFI hosts future events here too.

Millie Collines Swahili inspired collection was a notable crowd favorite as she transcended the audience on a (much needed) trip to the coast of east Africa featuring easy wearing flowing silhouettes. The designers clearly took inspiration from East Africa’s large muslim population. Having travelled up Africa and seen how muslim people express their personal style with vibrant rich colors, massive scarves and flowing dresses, its not hard to understand why many become inspired to create.

I was pretty excited to be wearing my favorite up and comer – Droomer. The head designer Cleo Droomer, is a friend of mine and its exciting to see his collection take over the local fashion scene. I was sad to have missed his show on the first night as I was in New Zealand during his showcase, but lucky enough to have showcased his garments in my own way. Keep an eye out for this special talent in up and coming shows!

I managed to catch Maxhosa by Laduma as my final show.He manages to showcase his culture in a new and exciting way each time. The most memorable garment for me was the mens track pants where ribbing was exchanged for locally produced beaded badges. Of course Laduma’s socks got everyone gasping and ‘needing’ a pair asap. I do hope he can expend one the prints and colors he shows us each season into fresh concepts like he does with his menswear.

Although the shows went through a bit of drama to finally get displayed it was well worth the wait. What is fashion without a little drama?

For more on fashion week you can have a look at http://africanfashioninternational.com

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Half and Halve



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Michael Kors

Day 2:

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G-Star Raw



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