Happy Birthday to me

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It’s the 12th of June aka my birthday! I am usually super nostalgic on my birthday, I love looking back at the preceding year and reflecting on how much I have grown since. It’s so funny but I am always quite depressed before and on my birthday because of my nostalgia! I kinda low key blame my star sign for this, and a bunch of other random things. #GeminiSeason

My last birthday, 25, was such a different experience. I was pretty happy on the day even though I was going through a pretty challenging time in my life. My 25th year was so emotional for me because I had taken the plunge to become a full time blogger, gained friends, lost friends and kinda had some intense changes occur. It was all over the place! But really exciting as I get to travel more now for my work, which has always been a goal for me. It’s crazy looking back at the last 365 days of my life and how much has happened since then. Most of which is positive, thanks to you guys!

This year I am much happier for sure, and a little more settled into my life and myself. I take off on a trip to meet my lover (actually my husband but I will tell you more about that soon). So my celebrations are going to be low key this year, no walking around with ostentatious silver balloons for me, just a quiet dinner with my family.

I just want to take my 26th birthday as a time to say thank you to all my followers who take the time to read my little stories and follow me all over the internet. Without you I wouldn’t be able to make my dreams come true. I really am a believer in “anything can happen”. Without you giving me that extra push to keep going and keep and dreaming bigger I’m not sure where I would be!

Love you all

Xo Aisha 

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