#GetReadWithUs With Cynthia Gwebu

Cynthy and I got together to collaborate on both of our youtube channels for the New Year

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Watch as we get ready and chat about beauty blogging/vlogging in South Africa. What we did before blogging and Cynthia’s time in the UK. We also touch on our favorite beauty products and lots of giggling of course.

Xo Aisha



Georgie Goullie


Cynthia Gwebu



    Was such a pleasure watching the two of you. Question and this is going to make me feel so bad because it makes my loyalty to reading my fav blogs questionable. . .
    Is the enabled commenting feature new? Looking for more of this years content.
    And now to binge on all the stuff on here. . .

    Mvumikazi | Urban Mnguni

  • Leoni Lorenz

    The new blog looks stunning.

  • Wafieka Bruckner

    Love your videos. Please make more! 🙂