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Four Ingredients To A Healthier Me

Alpen Muesli challenged me to come up with four ‘ingredients’ to a healthier lifestyle for me over the next year – and hopefully well into the following. This got me thinking, what am I missing in my life? Check my four ingredients to a healthier life and tell me what yours would be, I would love to find out.

1. Switch Off – Most of us these days suffer from mild anxiety and stress which contributes to so many of our ailments. I stress so much sometimes I start to feel ‘old’ and tired despite the many hours I may sleep, my mind is always switched on. I am challenging myself to switch off by 7pm every night. it may seem crazy but the life of a freelancer means you’re always calculating ways to earn more money or create more content to keep yourself going, this can be so stressful! Switching off means putting my computer away, tucking my mobile into my pocket and just enjoying my own company or the company of someone I love.

2. Less tech more books – I spend 99% of my time on my computer or mobile scrolling through various apps, articles and creating scenarios for new business ventures. When I am not on my devices I love parking in front of the TV catching up on my latest series (this time its Big Little Lies). After scrolling through a book shop in NYC I realized most of the series I enjoy are available in book form. I decided then and there that this year I would read more books in an attempt to switch off my tech, only for a few hours of course. My current read is Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty.

3. More meaningful conversations  – With traveling and not having much time to just sit down and chat to people, like I used to do in varsity, I crave meaningful conversations. Most of my conversations revolve around me telling people what it is I do and more often than not ‘pitching’ my latest venture. I want to challenge myself – and I’ve already begun this – to have more conversations that leave me thinking, contemplating and slightly more enriched. Its easier when you put down your phone and get off social media for the duration of the conversation. We will be surprised how many members of our generation have discussions with their friends while scrolling their instagram feed at the same time.

4. Less Clutter – Being a blogger or just a consumer in this time, I find I collect so many things. Whether its makeup, clothing, shoes or just magazines theres always so much lying around. Clearing our my clutter has become somewhat therapeutic in the last couple of months. Challenging myself to give something away to a friend who might need it or a charity close by or simply gathering my recycling and dropping it off at our local non-profit recycling depot Oasis (read more about them here). Not only will clearing up clear your mind, but I find donating my unused items to charity gives me a feeling of making a difference – that feeling cannot be bought!

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