It’s my third time visiting one of my favorite cities in the world, and I couldn’t believe after three times in Dubai I still love it so much – even more now since I was able to see the city in a new and interesting way. I could not have asked for a better group of people to travel with. I cant explain to you as I write this how amazing my recent trip to Dubai to support South Africa in the Rugby 7’s world cup was. 

Dubai tourism approached some of South Africa’s celebrities (and me) to attend the Rugby 7’s in Dubai. Everyone from Lalla Hirayami and Jeannie D to Naas Botha and Graham Smith. We had sporting legends on the trip and TV darlings. All of whom, in true South African fashion were incredibly nice and fun.

We started our trip off visiting Dubai’s cultural landmarks. Taking a tour of the glam Madinat Jumeirah souk and stopping off for a Shisha (obviously). We headed to a press junket at the Fairmont Palm Dubai a our beautiful hotel for the first couple nights stay. The event was incredibly chic with all of Dubai’s top media in attendance. I would strongly suggest staying in the Jumeirah area or anywhere on the palm when visiting Dubai. The Fairmont was great because our rooms were super spacious and comfortable and daily shuttles to the mall really helped getting around, thats if you’re into shopping of course.

Our second day was pretty incredible with a beautiful lunch at Vida downtown Dubai, a very modern hotel with great food and a stunning pool area, after a walk through Bur Dubai and a cultural tour of the old Dubai region (click here to find a review on my previous visit to Bur Dubai) We departed to a yacht private party, yes a yacht party just for us!  If you’re able to hire a Yacht in Dubai with a group of friends its highly suggested. We all agreed that this was the highlight of our trip, being out in the sun on the sea listening to incredible music and dancing into the sunset was truly magical. It also happened to be UAE national day so we had the pleasure of witnessing hundreds of beautiful big balloons being let off into the sky as we docked for a swim in the gulf. I am kind of a chicken when it comes to swimming in the ocean but luckily my friend Kajal and the rest of the gang cheered me on encouragingly, only to discover a jelly fish not too far away from me, this is why I am afraid of swimming in the ocean people!

Dinner was at the beautiful Clé Dubai, owned by George Mallouf! The food was beyond this world, or maybe I was just super hungry after swimming in the ocean all day. What I loved about this place was that after about 10pm the vibe changed, the music was pumped up, people started dancing about and shisha pipes were brought out – I was in my own little heaven with great music, great friends and a GREAT pipe.

We moved hotels to Intercontinental in Festival City the next day. The hotel was really nice, with a great hotel bar where we spent our nights reminiscing on our days well spent! A real highlight of the trip for me was the Desert Safari, I had been on one before but because this was a private experience it was a whole lot better. Not to mention a twerking camel ride all the way you the bedouin like dinner set up. Kajal and I had shared a camel who insisted on shaking what his mama gave him for a good few minutes, leaving us roaring in laughter but also screaming our lungs out in fear. It was an hilarious experience! We rode our camels through the sunset before sitting down for a traditional emirate dinner, belly dancing and more shisha!

Everyone was pretty fascinated by my beaded dress. I got a lot of flack on Instagram for wearing too much makeup and being too dressed up in the desert – but when in Rome right! One thing about Emirate women and anyone in Dubai really is that they’re always dressed and groomed to perfection, I wasn’t going to be left behind in my look of the night thats for sure. I picked the dress up at the Dubai souk in my last visit to the city. It needed a nip and tuck here and there but it was surprisingly inexpensive (I think I paid just over R300 for it) and its really beautiful! I would strongly suggest a good day’s visit to the Souk in Bur Dubai to get great bargains like this.

Our next few days were spent supporting out Rugby Team, I have never seen a sporting event so well organized – obviously the emirates know what they’re doing when they’re hosting an event! We finished our trip off with tapa’s and drinks at Neo’s on the 63rd floor The Address hotel.

A huge thank you to Dubai Tourism and Think Liqorice for an amazing trip! To all my new friends, we will always have Dubai…

Xo Aisha 


Event Look : Jumpsuit – Topshop SA | Neck Piece – Pitchiluk

Day Look: Red & Black Jumpsuit – Adriaan Kuiters & Jodi Paulsen | Neck Piece – Pitchulik | Hat – Ecua Andino | Bag – Freedom Of Movement |Sunglasses – Rayban 

Boat Look: Costume & Cover up – Billabong 

Desert Look: Dress & Head Piece – Gold Souk Dubai 

Top 5 Must Do’s Dubai: 

  1. Hire a Yacht with some friends and sail over the gulf
  2. Eat & Dance at Clé
  3. Shop at the Gold Souk 
  4. Have a Shisha at Times of Arabian Souk Madinat Jumeirah 
  5. Do a camel ride in the desert 

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