Do You Believe in More

FKA Twigs creates a moving campaign for Nike's 'Do You Believe In More' message

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In a bold move Nike teamed up with FKA Twigs as the creative director of their ‘Do You Believe In More’ campaign. The message itself aiming to bring out the courage to believe that you can achieve more in any active sphere you choose to toil away at.

As the creative director it was important for Twigs to showcase various athletes and their commitment to preparing to take the centre stage in their chosen fields. The true message is about resilience, preparation and training to be the best version of themselves.

As the consumer I took away so much from this campaign. Of course there are a ton of goals I have set for myself and there are times when those goals make me feel overwhelmed and underprepared. What Twigs manages to convey here is not only the importance and power of preparing for your journey but also owning the path you have chosen to walk. She sends off a clear message through her unique aesthetic, movement and music that she is irrevocably herself and I think what makes her so relatable to a mass audience is her ability to convey that. She is totally sincere and its not something she’s putting on for a Nike campaign. This is who she is and she’s proud of it.

Being married to an athlete and being as athletic as a doorknob there are times when I watch him and thing “DAMN how’d you do that” and that in itself inspires me to push harder – not physically but mentally.

I took away a lot from this as I get older and struggle more with accepting that I am in some ways an outlier and developing the thick skin to handle life ridicule proves taxing and limiting at times. Watching this I felt like I Do Believe in more for myself and I am inspired to live that truth as much as I can.

Xo Aisha 

  • Roshan

    AWESOME – a remarkable fashion film with so much soul. LOVE IT . I live by these words that THERE IS NO LIMIT TO WHAT YOU CAN ACHIEVE, UNLESS YOU LIMIT YOURSELF ! So go be big and bold Aisha your truly unique way – INSPIRE – XOXO Roshan