So obsessed with these Topshop jeans I picked up last week. I literally feel so amazing in them, not because they’re my favourite style, Jamie, but the embroidery makes me feel all kinds of happy! I often get asked how I deal with the slew of hate comments on my instagram. 

I get quite a bit of hate on social media for literally anything I say. I feel like internet trolls and really broken individuals sit on snapchat and social media in general waiting for someone they low key admire to say something that can be partially misread and then they attack. I remember one day I said I hated sitting in traffic like a normal person and someone decided to catch feelings and ask me why I think I am better than others and what not normal is.  Any normal person would have senses the sarcasm alas, I was ‘offensive’ for being mildly sarcastic. Honestly I don’t feel like I am less normal than anyone else in the world. I think some haters really want me to be super full of myself, bitchy and conceited so that they have a reason to hate me. They are really complicated individuals thats for sure (using the word individuals instead of curse words. LOL). It’s kinda annoying to meet people in real life who say “Ah I thought you would be so bitchy” and then I’m like why? Is it because I have lots of followers, I can’t be a nice person. Really interesting if you sit and think about how judgemental we can be as social media users.

Lately I have been getting through the hater-ade by replying and getting in touch with some of the people who are routing for me out there. For every hater I have there are probably 50 lovers so I try to focus on positive energy as much as possible. Of course its normal to be affected, even slightly, by negative things that are being said on the comments section. I read once that humans will forget nice things that are said about them and focus on the bad stuff for some deep psychological reason, I kinda wished it was the other way around. One of my followers recently DM’ed me and told me she loves me and thinks I’m an inspiration but really hates when I complain about my life being hard. LOLz – can you even deal with that??? I feel like I am allowed to have a bad day, I am allowed to say things are not great right now and even more so be as human as possible, because FYI, I am human!

Xo Aisha

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