Tips for more volume

Wear your part on the opposite end

I’ve always had really fine and flat hair, searching for volume like it’s no ones business. I decided to share some of my tips for created the illusion that I have more bouncy and fuller looking hair than I actually do.

The oldest trick in the book but totally works! My hair is naturally parted to the left but to create more volume, or at least the perception of more volume I usually flip it the opposite way. This way my hair is naturally higher and bouncy.

Back-comb your hair a touch

Not my fav technique because my hair knots easily, but back combing or teasing the hair really does wonders. I do this for events or special occasions.

Add Clip In Extensions

I have boxes of clip in extensions I have cut to the same length of my hair to add volume. I picked up this trick from South African TV broadcaster Jeanie D when we did a press trip together to Dubai! It works like a charm and is so easy to do, especially after back combing the roots. It takes as little as two rows to add instant volume to otherwise flat hair.

Use product to build up volume

I asked my stylist for some tips to build up volume here’s what she had to say; “To add volume to your hair you need to apply volumizing mousse to damp hair so that you can manipulate the roots.  For Aisha’s shoot we used the Jane Seymour Volume Hold Mousse“. You will then dry the hair and style the hair accordingly. Here we added waves using a curling tong and then sprayed the hair with the Jane Seymour Hairspray as a finishing product which kept the volume in place that we achieved with the mousse and this what keeps the volume all day long,”

Korean Skincare hits SA

I was recently challenged by my friend and social media influencer, Nabilah Kariem, to up my skincare routine by using her new curated skincare gift box collaboration with Glow Theory. Glow Theory focusses on importing premium Korean Skincare products to South Africa, making the global phenomenon of Ko rean Skincare more accessible to South African shoppers. Here’s what I discovered after using her skincare products for a month.

Something called purging might occur

I had tiny pimples emerge during the first week of using the products. I had instantly worried about my skin since I spend heaps of time in front of the camera, Nabilah assured me that this is a normal reaction. After one week my skin was literally clearer than its ever been. My pores seemed smaller and less clogged too.

It’s really simple

Although a traditional Korean Skincare routine can be really tedious and overwhelming, Nabilah’s curated box makes it a lot easier. I know she follows all the steps of K-beauty but really who has time for all that? This collection features her cult favs and focussed on getting your skin clear and glowing in no time.

Resurfacing & hydration are key

The focus of this curated routine is on gentle resurfacing of skin, lots of lightweight hydration, and maintaining a healthy skin barrier. These are the cornerstones of the Korean skincare routine, and will ensure your skin stays healthy, hydrated and glowy

You get loads of value from your product

After using the products for exactly one month I can safely say they go a long way. I would suggest loading up on the All Clean as an additional purchase as it is really superior at removing build up from makeup. The Panthenol moisturiser is light weight and addictive so make sure you use it sparingly. You can get the box online via pre order on The Glow Theory’s online store for R895. Additions to whats already available come at a discounted rate which is great!

Shop Nabilah Kariem x Glow Theory Collab

Traveling with your child

My one year old, Khalid, celebrated his 20th flight recently with Virgin Atlantic. He has been traveling internationally since the ripe old age of 4 months and I must admit he is a brilliant traveller!

All kids are different as we know but I strongly believe we, as parents, create the vibe that determines how well our kids travel. If you’re a nervous flyer you might transfer that energy onto your little one. I am probably the most calm person under pressure. No one really knows how badly I am dying inside when I am broken after a long haul flight because I simply get on with it. Getting on with it without complaining takes heaps of practice though, which I am lucky to have had. If you’re heading on your first trip with your little one here are some easy to implement tips that can help.

Fly with an airline that likes kids 

Virgin Atlantic was recently awarded as the most family friendly airline in the world and it shows! I found traveling with Khalid so easy as both the ground staff and in-flight staff made me feel as if I was a VIP for flying alone with my child. Willing to not only wash out baby bottles and provide heaps of snacks but also chase my marathon sprinting little boy down the aircraft when he decided he needed to stretch his legs.

Having the in flight crew on your side is a HUGE advantage. If anyone gives you any trouble (think hard eye rolls, complaining about the noise or simply making a snide remark) you can easily have your trusted crew member ensure you are comfortable and respected. I recently had a horrible man kick my chair as I tried to put it down while my son was sleeping in the free seat next to me. He complained to management that I didn’t deserve to have more than one seat. Luckily the crew had my back and defended me to the other passenger, asking him to have some compassion for a mother flying alone with her child. He winked at me and handed me a cup of tea after – now thats service!

Always have snacks

Most airlines, like Virgin Atlantic, have additional snacks and treats upon request that you can give to you little one to keep them quiet while they’re engrossed in a riveting episode of Peppa Pig. However, I suggest always being over prepared in the snack department, especially for the cab ride from the airport to you accommodation which is often forgotten! Some of my fav snacks to take on a flight include yoghurt covered mini rice cakes, bags of quinoa puffed chips, loads of water and dried fruit or biltong.

Night flights are a must

If you’re flying internationally from South Africa or Australia, you’re more than likely to be sitting on a long haul flight for ten hours at least! I highly recommend booking a night flight and keeping your little one awake till you get onto the plane. Give them a very quick mini bath (warm face cloth all over the body, baby lotion, baby powder, fresh diaper etc). Make sure you mimic bath time routine as best you can, brushing teeth gently before the flight and reading your little one a story as you get ready to board. Once you board the air craft and you’re just about taking off the plane lights will be switched off. This is when I whip out my son’s milk and feed him wrapped in a warm blanket. As soon as the milk is finished he is usually fast asleep. This works 95% of the time so I suggest trying it! The last flight we did with Virgin Atlantic was just under ten hours from Heathrow to Joburg and my son slept for 8 of those hours!

Sleep when baby sleeps

This one is pretty serious. Forego the temptation to watch a movie or finally get to that tea you so badly wanted when crew came past with the cart. You can have it all at your destination, for now sleep is gold.

When in doubt iPad

 Many parents suggest giving kids a form of sleep medication (sedatives) however this is NOT recommended at all by paediatricians as this may cause heart arrhythmias and ultimately death. The risk is simply not worth it so when in doubt whip out the iPad. My son does not have any interest in an iPad just yet but if you have a little one who likes the iPad make sure you load it up with movies, series and games to keep them entertained.

Lastly, chill out mom!

One of my biggest takeaways from this piece is to encourage parents to chill out and go with the flow. More often than not your little people are super excited to be on a plane and may not want to sleep! That’s okay, it might be tiring, it might be down right exhausting but you will get through it and forget about it sooner than you can say “beach holiday”!

Forget all those around you because they will fall into either the sympathetic category or the judgemental one. You might get eye rolls, sarcastic coughs and people shaking their heads. My best advice is to ignore the flyers around you and do your absolute best to not bother anyone. However you cannot control the situation completely- kids will be kids! I try my best to keep my area really neat. If my son is particularly rowdy I take him to the kitchen area on the flight and have him release some energy there. Ultimately you can only control so much so let go and enjoy your flight as best you can.

Modestly chic summer looks

I am not the most modestly dressed human, but I am leaning towards being more covered up lately, whether that has more to do with my new mom bod or my motherhood status is one up for debate.

I am a huge advocate for local brands Asha Eleven and Alysu who are doing really great, but very different, things in the summer wardrobe department. Check out some of my ideas on what to wear if you’re leaning towards modest summer holiday.

Aisha E! Awards Look

I have not told this story before but for the E! Channel Africa Awards earlier this year, where I won an award for social media entrepreneurship, I had probably one of the most stressful wardrobe malfunctions.

I had organised to have a custom gown made, when it was delivered it was unfortunately too tight, I could barely walk! Thankfully my friend at Cape Town Dress hire came to my rescue with this red number. You can hire this dress on the website by following the link below.

Amira Dress at Cape Town Dress Hire

xo A

Millennial Mama CPT

Millennial Mama Cape Town took place at The Bay Hotel in Camps Bay, hosting one hundred Cape Town moms. The event had everything from a delicious and beautiful high tea and exciting talks targeted at both the parenting and feminine aspects of motherhood.

Guests were treated to exclusive vendors who took care of their cosmetic, fashion and parenting needs. We were excited to treat each mom to a mini makeover with Esteé Lauder as well as exclusive shopping experiences with Alysu ladies wear and Fleur Le Cordeur home and fashion accessories. Not a beat was missed as each moment was perfectly instagrammable.

Be sure to keep an eye out for more upcoming events across the country by checking out the Millennial Mama page for updates. You can follow Millennial Mama on instagram, facebook and pinterest under @millennialmamasa

Watch the Millenial Mama 2019 video

Aisha’s experience with Postnatal Depression

Did you know that one in three South African women experience postnatal depression after giving birth, an alarming statistic when comparing one in five in the rest of the world? That means of one three women you know who have given birth have experienced postnatal depression. Despite how common postnatal and perinatal depression and anxiety may be, there is still a massive stigma associated with perinatal mental disorders, especially in communities of colour.

Three months after having my son I was diagnosed with postnatal depression. Warning signs had started through my pregnancy where I suffered a series of panic attacks and bouts of severe depression. I had spent days in bed in the dark and lied my way out of work and social commitments saying I felt sick. I did feel sick, but not physically. For some reason, I felt a lot of shame attached to this process during my pregnancy. I felt ungrateful, I felt like something must have been wrong with me or somehow I was being punished by God. I was really concerned about my baby’s health through it all, but by the grace of God the pregnancy went well even though Khalid was born three weeks earlier than expected.

My birthing experience was traumatic. Losing lots of blood and passing out shortly after giving birth. Although I had that short bit of stress on my body, I still felt utterly connected and in love with my little baby boy instantly! It was only until I got home from the hospital that the anxiety of being a new mom and having someone’s entire life relying on me being good enough hit me. I had been struggling with breastfeeding from day one. It had been a harrowing and strenuous experience for me but I was determined to push through. We hired a lactation consultant who came highly recommended by my friend Lara who had given birth the day before me. Lara and I had met in the hospital and became friends without evening speaking. We had both been struggling with breastfeeding and offered unspoken support by a gentle touch on a shoulder as a show of support. We actually only exchanged names and numbers after our hospital check up! The lactation consultant was great and assured me that once we got the hang of breastfeeding I would begin to settle in and not feel so blue. She assured me that this was a normal process and the first couple of weeks are rough for a new mother.

Shortly after returning home Parny and I had the worst experience we could have ever imagined. Our son had choked on some milk we had syringe fed to him and stopped breathing. We had to rush him to the ER in peak hour traffic, although everything turned out okay we had to stay overnight in the pediatric ward. Being surrounded by really sick babies and having nearly lost mine was a traumatizing experience for both my husband and I. It brings tears to my eyes to even write about this. Our pediatrician strongly advised switching to formula milk or he feared Khalid might not gain weight but mostly that I would fall into a depression due to how much I had been struggling with breastfeeding. I was still keen to persevere. After returning home from the hospital I became really paranoid about losing my son. I barely slept and struggled with my nutrition. My husband returned to work six weeks after I had given birth. His work, unfortunately, meant he had to travel to Canada. I was, unknowingly, buried in the thick of postnatal depression with no physical help or support from my partner. I decided to move in with my parents again but was still struggling. I always felt as though there was nothing entirely wrong with me, that perhaps I just had the baby blues. My very close friends noticed that I struggled to leave my parents home. Whenever they’d come over I was in pajamas and barely lifted my feet when I walked. I spent most of my days crying, trying to sleep or nursing and cuddling my baby.

With the stress of being a new mum I had the extra pressure to lose weight. The pressure I put on myself, pressure by my impending work commitments and pressure by some of my family, who felt if I lost weight, I might feel better sooner. It was all just so much to be going through and thinking back on it now I was definitely in over my head in terms of my mental space.

When my friend mentioned to me that she thought I had PND I burst into laughter. I explained that I couldn’t have it, I was obsessed with my son and I didn’t ever want to leave him. She explained to me that PND was not that simple and I should consider getting help. When she left that day, nightfall came, and I got ready for my night as usual. My son was asleep and I needed to get to bed ASAP so I could be rested enough for the next feed. I struggled to close my eyes and fall asleep. I was overcome with anxiety and panic and could not seem to calm down. I went into my dads walk-in closet, closed the door and sat on the floor sobbing. I sobbed because I wanted to die and I was confused as to how I would want to die so badly when I love my son and my family so much. I felt selfish for hurting so badly inside.  I sobbed and tried to breathe until my baby woke up for his feed. It could have easily been 4 hours later but I wasn’t aware of the time that had passed. I quickly snapped out of it and went to do what I had to do. It was then that I decided I needed help.

After seeking out a psychologist and psychiatrist to help me I discovered that PND was a little more than not bonding with baby. Albeit I had a great bond with my little boy, I could not get a grip on my own personal wellbeing. I lost the desire to do anything I had done before – let alone leave the house. I began to overeat to try to feel a little better. My psychiatrist explained how PND came in different forms for different women and much like depression and anxiety as a whole, it is a process to overcome. I spoke to her about not wanting to leave the house, struggling with my nutrition and sleep as well as how my relationships with friends and family had fallen at the wayside because I no longer had the patience or desire to prioritize them. I decided to go on a treatment plan with my mental health team and within 6 weeks I started to feel an improvement in my well being. At the time I stopped everything dead in its tracks. I gave up on work completely, I left my management agency and undid all the commitments I had, including a once in a lifetime opportunity to go to Monaco and Paris for work! It was really challenging, but I decided to focus on me and my mental space first. If not for me, for my baby. I was blessed to be privileged enough to be able to have financial and emotional support through this. Had I not had that I’m not sure how I would have coped.

I was never ashamed of my story but I did not want to share it until I was ready. Partly because I was experiencing a lot of mom-shaming from people online who felt uncomfortable about me sharing the ugly side of motherhood. I didn’t want to get any more negative feedback while I was trying to heal my heart and mind.

I am still on my journey to healing but I am so much better now. I am back at work and able to enjoy my baby, my husband, my friends and working out. Motherhood is still challenging as my husband travels a lot and we are often just the two of us making it work but every time I look at my son and his incredibly sensational smile – every hardship is worth it. Khalid is the most charismatic and charming little boy, just like his mum. He is not afraid to try new things and he is so determined to complete a task. He gets that from his dad. I feel like he is a bright shining light in my life, always making me laugh, smile, dance and sing! I cannot think of a better experience than the one I have now. I feel blessed beyond measure and I thank God every day for my little miracle. I can’t believe how far I have come in just a year and I look forward to the journey ahead. I have always been a brave girl but now I have become a fearless woman.
I am Khalid’s mother.

I encourage any moms reading this to please share their story in the comments. You could be helping a lonely mother out there who is lost as to where to start.

If you are experiencing Postnatal Depression or any of these symptoms sound familiar to you please seek out help as soon as you can. Untreated PND can lead to psychosis and a whole host of other issues. Here are some links that helped me:

The New Normal

Eid Edit with Forever New

I love dressing up for Eid, and I always have! But since I have become a mum I’ve had a taste for the more practical side of life. This got me thinking around my first Eid as a mother and whether I want to spend money on another outfit for Instagram that cannot translate to my real life or be worn again after that day!

I decided that for this year’s Eid Edit I would work around a more practical style that can easily be transformed for both the coming winter and spring and even high summer!

When styling I worked around layering, of course, using my favorite Zara knee length boots under floaty summer dresses. I got some plain tops to wear underneath to warm up the look and of course, finished off with a coat. All these dresses can be worn again with different boots, sneakers or even open toes closer to summer!

A lot of us love a good jumpsuit but is it wearable again? This time I reinvented the jumpsuit concept by combining super flattering high waist belted pants with either a printed bodysuit and coat or a beautiful chiffon shirt tucked in to create the jumpsuit feel. Once again these can be separated and paired with denim, boots, sneakers, and heels to create different looks.

I am so into this year’s Eid Edit, and I hope you are too! All the fashion items I wore here can be purchased from Forever New either in-store or online, happy Ramadan!

Xo Aisha

My Home Office With MRP Home

I am really excited to share my home office with you all! Although I could have not prepared effectively for this new mom life I wanted to try to get my life together, somewhat, before giving birth. I put together a little home office for me to work from as I expected to spend much more time at home with my little baby than my usual mobile office I became accustomed to before becoming a mom.

Admittedly I have had only two meetings in my office and spent hardly any time there as finding time to actually sit down and work on something has been a little challenging of late. I hope to spend much more time here once my little one is a touch more independent.

Check out my office below. 90% of the items were sourced on using some of their interior decor ideas they’ve put together on there. I found the site really affordable as I didn’t want to spend too much on my office. The total office came to just under R20 000 for a full revamp