Back at it

finally back in the gym after my Caribbean trip

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I came home from the Caribbean with a few extra kilo’s on me so I couldn’t wait to get back to the gym. Although my hubby had been training me while we were away, I wasn’t as consistent as I am when I am at home. Besides training while traveling is so tough !

I am pretty stoked to be back at the gym with my friend Rushda, she’s a womens fitness trainer here in Cape Town. I love going to her classes because it’s girls only so I can wear what I want – which is usually a sports bra and tights – and I feel fine being myself in front of a group of girls. It’s kinda of encouraging too!

About This Look 

I did a shoot for Cotton On Body’s blog not too long ago, featuring their new workout range for the Olympic season (which is happening right now incase you didnt know). I love their workout gear, its really feminine,sexy and a touch more affordable than bigger athletic brands. This range is easy to layer as well, and you guys might already know that I am a huge fan of layering. When leaving the Gym I usually wear longer sleeve tops to cover up, so I need all layers of my look to pretty much match!

My favorite item here is definitely the multi strap sports bra, bring a fashion element to my workout look

Xo Aisha 

Photography: Tegan Smith